Found: one good coffee

My neighbour had offered to provide tips and insights on the area, so I took him up on the offer and invited him to coffee.

I explained my pickiness over coffee and how I’d been fairly disappointed with what I’d found so far, and that I was keen to find a great coffee in LA. As he is a former barista, he was a good person to ask. However, I’d already been to top two he was suggesting, LA Mill and Intelligentsia.

Instead, we rolled on down to Silverlake Coffee which I had passed a number of times on my way to the supermarket. I had wondered what it would be like as from the outside it has a little front yard surrounded by greenery and little metal tables for two with umbrellas. Inside was a completely different vibe. As soon as I stepped in, I saw leather couches and then it looked like I’d walked into an office. All the tables were occupied with people typing at a computer. Apparently they have free wi-fi, and it seems that a lot of people take advantage of it.

My coffee was lovely. I’d say about a 9 out of 10, although the interesting conversation probably boosted it another half a point or so. I’ll be going back there again, maybe when my new MacBook arrives, so I can sit down there with my shiny new toy, sip coffee and hang out with the artsy kids.

A sugar sachet ritual

Whenever I’m out at a cafe I always fold my sugar wrappers up into one sachet.

This habit probably formed when I added three, sometimes four, sugars to my coffee. I was trying to hide how many I’d actually added, not wanting to look like such a shocking sweet tooth to those around.

While I’ve now cut back my sugar intake in coffee after a health kick last year, I still fold the slide the tops and extra wrappers into one. It’s a habit, but after waiting on tables and having to clear away little coffee soaked wrappers, it’s also a thoughtful gesture for whoever is clearing your table.