The transit pair

High heels instantly add wow to an outfit. You could have some rather simple, casual outfit on, and then add some skyscraper heels and instantly achieve something far more glamorous.

I am a high heel aficionado. I have about 50 pairs of heels and most times I love wearing them. Although, I have to admit that as I’m getting older, I am finding my time spent in high heels is dwindling as I go for more boring comfortable fast (ie flat) shoes.

At a recent event in the city, I noticed a growing trend, that of the transit pair. Flat shoes emerged from handbags whenever we went to walk from one bar to the next. Usually they were a pair of thongs that would replace a nicer pair of heels, or sometimes little ballet flats to replace a more spectacular pair of heels.

Regardless, with the larger handbags of today, there is plenty of room to carry a transit pair. Perhaps a more sensible option, but I still can’t part with my fabulous shoes once they’re on, even for a few hundred metres.