Living in the Land of “No Seasons”

A case of the sun is always sunnier on the other side

Most people I know dream of chasing the sun and living in a perpetual summer. Well here I am so my life must be sweet as, right?

Unfortunately the reality isn’t quite as glamorous. The idyllic relaxed attitudes and lifestyles you encounter on a tropical holiday, are really a by-product of living a life without change. That is to say we are all more relaxed and laid-back when summer and it’s long evenings with barbecues and drinks by the pool rolls around.

I’m sure there is a tropical relative of the SADs (which is when you don’t get enough sun because of a dark and grey winter) that sends you round the bend from too much sun, day in day out (not to be confused with sunburn). I hope I don’t catch it and go troppo, which, incidentally, is the name of the Stu Lloyd book I am currently reading.

This is a great piece of blogging by a ‘neighbour’ of mine (well, we’ve never met but she’s a fellow expat who lives in the next city, which to me is good enough to warrant the title) at Transatlantic Adventure all about living in the land of no seasons. She sums it all up excellently, have a read.

Transatlantic Adventure

This is the second time I’ve lived in Colombia. The second time I’ve lived in a world of “no seasons.” Because of Colombia’s latitude and longitude (in other words–it’s closeness to the equator) there is VERY little, if any, change in temperature throughout the year. Yes, there are all sorts of temperatures to be found in Colombia from the freezing peaks of la Sierra Nevada to the boiling temperatures of la Guajira and the rainforest humidity found in Leiticia to the temperate, Spring-like temperatures of Medellín, and the somewhat cooler zones of Boyacá and Cundinamarca. In fact, Colombia has so many climate zones that it is the most bio-diverse country in the world!

Valle de Cocora, Salento

Now, that being said, the temperature in a specific place doesn’t really change. In other words, in Bogotá the temperature during the day generally falls in the 60s (Farenheit) and in Barranquilla in the 90s  (Farenheit)…

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Hooked up my first meeting

I’ve kind of been putting off the app side of things here, but today was the day I had to get stuck into it and start telling people about them.

With our film shoot out of the way, it was time to pay attention to lifestyle apps. On my second call to a business I managed to set up a meeting to show them some of the apps we’ve been involved in producing previously. It was a small win and confidence booster and only helps to make the calling process easier, although it took me almost all day and a packet of Oreo’s to get there.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out the Cheese & Wine app on the App Store (it’s in the What’s Hot section and on the Australian store it’s App of the Week). If you’re in Australia, check out the Beer Buddy app. These are the types of apps we can do, so if you have an idea for one you’d like to make, let me know. Shameless promo I know, and I apologise, but it’s all part of the journey.