Oh no! I’m THAT kind of girl

Sightseeing at the cliffs
Out and about

You know the type. We’ve all had a friend who upon finding a new love disappears from sight.

That’s what’s happened to me with this blog since mi novio arrived, and I understand the feelings of neglect the blog must be having. However, I don’t want to be that girl, so I apologise to all and sundry for my disappearance…and want to try and make up for it.

The arrival of mi novio was exciting, surreal and a little strange. For the first couple of days we looked at each other in a kind of “are you really here next to me, in person?” way. It was a bizarre experience to move our relationship back into that face-to-face variety after it had grown so much via Skype, but after day 3 we finally believed that yes, we were really together again.

The past couple of months has been a learning curve for us both with things like his level of English (not as high as I’d thought), my normal life stressing (exacerbated by moving) and my desire that he have a most amazing experience here (while he’s happy to study English and spend time pottering around with my family).

But things are all good.

I am excited about the move to Colombia. I’m happy that mi novio gets along with my family very well (even to the point of being enthusiastic Dad’s vintage machinery interest) and I’m loving spending time with my family.

Meanwhile all the sorting of affairs in order to move to another country for an indefinite timeframe is taking up brainpower and hours. There’s new bank accounts with fee-free international transactions to find and open, old bank accounts to close, superannuation funds to consolidate, copies of birth certificates to get, documents to be witnessed, possessions to be sold, given away, thrown out or stored and, most importantly, the decision on what to take with me. And that’s not the half of it.

It’s quite daunting, but I guess that’s to be expected when you are moving countries and don’t know when you’ll be back (if ever). But I’m not the first person to move overseas, and in all this, I can’t help but feel for those who don’t have the time or ability to collect the documents, pack up possessions and prepare themselves for a move to a foreign country.

He’s coming!

I can’t remember being this excited for a long time.

Not since I got into my university course of preference, or maybe it was getting the job with the huge promotion, or maybe when I got a Sportsgirl t-shirt for Christmas when I was 12. Today is right up there with them!

I woke up at 5:55am and lay there, thinking about my stressful day ahead. Finally I decided I would get up and get to it early, but not until after I’d checked my Facebook account. It was then I got a Skype call from mi novio. Still in a sleepy headspace it took me a few moments to understand what he was saying.

Amor, tengo una visa para ir a Australia.”

Suddenly, all the talk about him visiting me in Australia was a reality. The major hurdle of getting a tourist visa was overcome! Now we are sprinting towards the finish line, full of adrenaline and excitement until we get to that day, in one month’s time, when we have an ‘airport moment’.

All the stress, worry and tension about the visa situation has evaporated. I’m so happy! I get to show mi novio my part of the world and he gets to meet my family and friends before I take off to the other side of the world, to a whole other life, to be with him.

When I finished the call, all I could think about was Paulo Coelho’s quote from The Alchemist.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

My heart beats with love and happiness.