A Scary Colombian Halloween

Today is Halloween, which is celebrated here in Colombia.

When mi novio and I went to buy lollies there were lots of little kids fully decked out in costumes looking cute, but my experience at giving out the lollies was far scarier than 3 year olds in bee costumes.

I was excited when the first kids came our front gate and so went out into the street to give them some lollies. Suddenly I was swamped by a group of about 20 kids, mostly obnoxious boys not wearing any costume or mask. They all put their hands out at me and shouted at me to give them lollies. I was overwhelmed, and told them there was enough for everyone but they had to wait their turn.

This seemed to rile them and they pushed and shoved and bullied and shouted and grabbed. I had my camera in one hand because I wanted to take a photo of the costumed kids but as the situation got more and more out of control, I called to mi novio and handed him the camera over the fence. As I did this, one kid started tickling my decidedly sweaty armpit to make me drop something and others tried to snatch the bag of lollies.

Feeling beaten, I retreated back behind the fence and started castigating the kids about being so disgustingly rude and disrespectful. It seems my Spanish is up to the task as they words flowed from me. Still they yelled and bullied with their hands between the rails and I had to give them lollies to go away.

Trick or treaters in the street
Cute little trick or treaters!

That was not how I imagined my Halloween experience. I had envisioned small groups of children who I could brainwash with environmental messages “Don’t throw the wrapper on the ground, put it in the bin”, but instead it got out of hand beyond all control and I was beaten by a group of kids.

Rubbing salt into my wounds, the kids then went to the house across the street (which is less than 2m from our gate) and they lined up like angels to get a lolly. It seems I have a lot to learn about kids and just have to thank my lucky stars that mi novio‘s son respects me and what I say.

Anyways, my evening was made a little better when the neighbour’s tiny kids came to trick or treat. They were so cute and now I want a little smurf!

We want to hear you scream

That’s what Leigh Whannell and James Wan (the Saw creators) said as they introduced their new horror flick Insidious at an Australians in Film screening tonight. I needed no further encouragement.

Now, we know that I am not a fan of horror films, so how come I ended up at a horror film made by the guys whose Saw films I can barely even bring myself to look at the trailers for? Well, as we have a horror script in our arsenal, I figured I needed to go and check it out. Perhaps you could say, confront my fear, before we make something scary ourselves.

I briefed a new friend beside me as to what to expect from me; screaming, jumping, hiding behind my shawl and the like. I needn’t have bothered, because whilst she was a diehard horror fan, she was more terrified than me. Don’t get me wrong here. I screamed. Loudly. Loud and often enough to come away with a sore throat. I also jumped out of my skin, spent a good deal of time covering my face with my shawl and biting the end of it and doing little panting breaths in the scary aftermath. But in amongst the scary stuff (which was thankfully not gory stuff), there was some really nice comic relief. How can you not laugh at the comedy Angus Sampson brings?

So despite the film being out of my comfort zone, I enjoyed it. I thought it was an interesting story that came together and I think other scaredy cats like me would enjoy it too.

Perhaps the best bits for me were the introduction of the film and the follow-up q&a with Leigh and James. These Aussie guys are so down to earth and incredibly funny. They have an infectious enthusiasm and when they talk about Insidious, their other films, their creative process and each other, you can’t help but feel excited for them and inspired at the same time.

I’m scared just thinking about it

I don’t do scary movies very well. I am big on anticipation so I jump, scream or break out in a petrified sweat before the scary bit even happens. 

The thought of sitting in a darkened cinema being surrounded by frightening sounds, screams and super scary activities makes my skin crawl. Perhaps because I get so swept up into a film that it becomes my reality for a couple of hours is the reason why I don’t like scary movies. I can’t make that delineation between what’s real and what’s not and so I feel like I could be a possible victim in the storyline.

One of the more memorable moments was when I watched Jurassic Park on a school outing to the cinema in Year 9. It was during the scene where the kids are hiding in the kitchen and the raptor is stalking around outside them. The moment the raptor’s head appeared in the round porthole window, I screamed loudly. I was the only person in the cinema screaming. And I got teased mercilessly for that.

So it’s quite ironic that I am researching horror films right now. Just looking at the poster art makes me a little squeamish, so I’m thankful for the bright sunshine and birds chirping outside. Many of the titles are somewhat familiar, but I’ve only watched a handful of them.

So if you’re a horror fan, maybe you could help me out here. What type of scary movies do you like? What are your stand out horror films and why?