My blogging new years resolution

With a bit of encouragement from dailypost, I’m pledging to write a blog entry a day for 2011.

It sounds daunting and rather tricky. Yes, I have blogged daily for a whole week now, but my ENFP personality type hasn’t kicked in yet. I like to start things but I get bored after a while. There’s the perfect example of a monthly industry newsletter I created in one of my previous jobs. At first it was great fun, but then it grew tiresome as each month rolled by until it got to the point where I was like, “It doesn’t really matter if it comes out every two months now, does it?” And it was only a two-page email newsletter.

I think my blog activity of the past week can be attributed to an extra helping of available time, and that it’s pretty hot and I just want to stay inside.

Regardless, it’s a noble goal to write something to share with you every single day, so I’m going for it. The saying go hard or go home is resonating with me right now. Be prepared for all manner of content
(including photos and video), but I guess judging from my categories so far, it’s going to be about food, fashion, shopping, music and dancing, travel, cleaning, film and work. That plus the brand new experience that will be me living in LA.

Please stick with me, encourage me if you think I’m falling off the bandwagon and let me know your thoughts via the comments section.

New year, new habits.


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