Huff and puff until…

Until my wrap dress blows open.

I was just walking across the street when a huge gust of wind blew in to play with my hemline. Normally it wouldn’t be such a concern except that my satin dress is a rear opening wrap and I forgot which side it opened.

In a bit of a fluster I grab the left side and dragged it across a little. Then I started trying to recall which side was which, something that soon became apparent as some ladies tittered behind me.

Making it to safety on the kerb I realised I had the wrong end of my dress and had probably only helped the wind to show off my underwear.

I turned to the ladies and asked “Did I just show you my underwear?” They giggled an affirmative as I let out a gale of my own, one of laughter.

They gave me bonus points for being able to laugh about it. I am no longer worried about picking wedgies in public. I’d sooner that than people actually seeing it in all its glory.


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