My last day in Mildura

The day started with mowing the lawns before 8am. Given that it was going to top 40 degrees, it was best to get this chore out of the way.

I am not a fan of mowing lawns, especially if there is lots of area to cover. I have been very lucky and usually my parents end up mowing the lawn for me as they are disgusted by how long I let the weeds get. But as I am leaving their little shack and allowing me to keep it as my storage shelter, I thought it best to get the lawns mowed.

When you do something, like clean or fix something, right before you are about to leave, you get this mixed feeling of “why bother, I’m leaving” and “why didn’t I do this earlier so I could appreciate it”. It’s an interesting combination, and one that no doubt gets you making high promises to attend to these things sooner and not be so lazy.

So here I am, at a quarter to midnight on my last evening in Mildura. I’m surrounded by three large, heavy red bags that are packed and an array of miscellaneous items to go in my carry on bag. I’ve left it all to the last minute of course. I only managed to squeeze in the last few items out of sheer tiredness from a big day of physical, mental and emotional outlays.

My friend cooked a wonderful Mexican feast for 14 of my friends as a send off, which was so lovely. I will save all my cliches about what beautiful, kind and generous people my friends are for another post. I might write that on the plane when I have 14 hours to ponder the loss of such people in my physical proximity.

This post is all mushed up and not flowing very well, but I guess that too reflects the kind of day I’ve had!


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