Hey girl, what are you wearing?

A few little cultural cues I’ve picked up lately relate to references between females and attitudes towards tracksuits.

“Hey Girl”
This can be used to catch someone’s attention, like my neighbour calling out “Hey girl, is this your car here?” It is also used as a term of affection for a friend. Like when I overheard one female say to another “Hey girl, it’s been such a long time.” There’s something a bit contrived and condescending about it that I don’t like, so I won’t be saying “Hey girl” anytime soon, unless it’s in a mocking accent of course.

My trackies
I have to admit that I’ve been wearing my trackies quite a bit lately. After going out for a walk I just tend to hang out in them for the rest of the day, which seems to be a big no-no.

I had lunch with my friend He Who Puts The A In LA last week. On the phone I said I’d tidy up a bit, to which he replied “We’ll I’ve just come out of a yoga class, so don’t get too dressed up.” So I reconsidered my outfit, left my tracksuit pants on and put on a nicer t-shirt. When he arrived his first comment to me was “Oh wow, it’s Sporty Spice.”

Yesterday I was doing the washing mid-afternoon and ran into my landlord while wearing my capoeira pants, a red polar fleece and my red Merrell’s. He then asked if we were jogging around the lake and said “You look like you’re all got up in your training gear.”

Clearly the wearing of tracksuits is permissible ONLY when exercising and not as general daywear, which is a little disappointing. I think it’s a good thing Americans don’t know what bogans are, because they’d have branded me one by now without seeing all the fabulous frocks in my wardrobe.


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