Oscar time

I got to watch the Oscar’s live for the first time tonight, and just a few miles from the epicentre of action at Kodak Theatre.

Without an invitation to an Oscar’s party, my housemates and I made our own fun with nibbles, steak and salad and pavlova for dessert while watching the coverage on our brand new TV.

I was extremely happy that Natalie Portman took out the Best Actress award, and gave a lovely speech befitting such an elegant and graceful woman. Black Swan was the first film I saw after I arrived in LA, and it was quite amazing.

I also liked that Inception and The Social Network were recognised for various awards (the full list is here) as I thought they were neatly put together. However, there were so many major contenders that I hadn’t seen, like The Fighter, The King’s Speech, Winter’s Bone, Toy Story 3, True Grit or 127 Hours. In fact, I have only seen three of the ten films nominated for Best Picture.

So now that I’m in Tinseltown, my resolution is to see more Oscar-worthy films so that next year I can be really informed in my picks for the awards. Here comes the popcorn.


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