Starting a new tradition

Yesterday we started a new tradition for our little posse here in LA, that of seeing a movie together every fortnight.

Coming off Oscars hype and with some Best Picture nominees that we didn’t get to see, we’re all geared up to see a film together on a regular basis as a little bonding session.

Our first film together was The Adjustment Bureau at the Cinerama Dome at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. It was a really lovely love story for the blokes and the chicks. It was billed as more action flick than it actually was, and despite some ridiculous moments that were laugh-out-loud funny, it was a nice film. I really liked some of the themes of persistence and forging your own path that it touched on, and I saw similarities to my favourite book, The Alchemist.

Post cinema session, we went to the Bowery Bar just down the road a bit for a debrief where we all shared our thoughts and ideas on the film. The group deconstruct of a film is such fun, and being with some technical experts only made it more interesting for me. I’m going to learn a lot!

Since we hadn’t had enough, we followed it up with a preview of Jane Eyre at the Australians in Film screening in Beverly Hills. We raced through the doors just as the film was starting. It was our second close call to make the film. One day we’ll make it on time and get better seats rather than having to climb over the back row in the dark and slide into the chairs.


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