Can’t stop shopping

Running shoes
My new running shoes and new matching top. Total = $71

All these super cheap shoes, accessories and clothing are doing my bank balance in.

Heading out purely for necessities (running shoes) I got sidetracked by some majorly good prices and had to hold myself back with rarely displayed discipline. Although, that was probably just because the parking meter was ticking and fines are not cheap.

I went to Off Broadway Shoes with housemate Devoir as he needed to buy some new runners and since he had no vehicle (and at the time I did) and I had left my old runners at home I chauffeured him there. We parked out the back and my jaw slackened and my eyes shone as I surveyed the massive warehouse with rows upon rows of shoes in neat aisles.

I darted around like an excited child with only 30 seconds to get as many lollies as possible in a lolly shop. I started with the running shoes and I could not believe the prices. They were pretty much all in the $50 – $70 price range. As I walked past shoe after shoe I wondered how on earth running shoes can cost three times as much in Australia.

I exercised restraint and only bought the runners and a pair of beige flat lace-up sandals. However, during a power-shop at GAP a little later, I found a couple of tops on sale and way discounted.

I have a feeling that my penchant for shoes is going to see me purchasing lots more. I mean, when they are at these prices, you can afford to have a shoe fetish.


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