Let it be known


Flowers in the entry
Today's floral arrangement

That I love flowers.


I love giving flowers. I love getting flowers. I love to have flowers around me.

I was feeling a little lonely today so when I saw some white Geraldton Wax in the supermarket today, I had to get some. It is such a strong connector with home. It makes me think about the big bushes Mum has out the back that she would regularly prune for us to take to the Farmers Market and takes me back to my childhood home.

My paternal grandmother is accomplished in the art of floral arrangement. She always trims and arranges flowers in such a fluid and patient way that it always seems far easier than it really is. My mother was convinced into going to floral art classes after some people saw her arrangements of native flowers at our Farmers Market stand. She excels at the zany side of floral art and they all make a bold statement. I still have many more years to improve my skills, and maybe that’s an idea for a class I can take here.

In the meantime, I have flowers around me that remind me of home, make the place beautiful and cause my heart to sing.



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