Who owns the leaky pen

Interpreting this requires a couch potato

Our landlord is coming to take back his couch tomorrow, which is a crying shame because we love it. It is comfy and the red embossed fabric is beautiful and really makes the light colours in the apartment pop.

Luckily I decided to plump the pillows today and take a seat in it for one of the last times which brought to my attention

a blue ink stain on the middle of one of the seat cushions. This is not a good thing. J brought out the fabric stain remover and after reading the instructions I started blotting with some paper towel.

I blotted, and I blotted, and I blotted. I sprayed the paper towel again and continued blotting until the paper towel looked something like those Rorschach inkblots. My patience wore thin and the stain still seemed to refuse to budge.

Now I just have to turn the cushions over and hope he doesn’t notice.


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