Twinkling tootsies

New pedicures
Our toes in the freebie thongs to keep the finish smooth. It’s great fashionable footwear, perfect for everyday use.

A treat was what our feet deserved after trampling all over Los Angeles in search of sights, sounds and male attention.

In the dying hours of Movie Lass’s visit, we popped into Harmony Nail Spa down the road for a bit of pampering. We were lucky to find two of the big massage chairs with foot baths next to each other and sat down to have a manicure and pedicure. As soon as I felt the massaging back of the chair start kneading my back and the warm water on my feet, I was blissed out.

Two ladies worked on us at a time, one on the hands and one at our feet buffing and polishing. What made it even better was that our legs, feet, arms, necks and hands got a relaxing massage.

It was perfect for Movie Lass before her 15 hour flight back to Australia. And it was the icing on the cake of our LA adventure with a girly outing.


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