Inspiration for life

I’m a bit of a fan of inspirational quotes, and I love sticking them up around me.

My friends know this so I have a wall of cards with great quotes and little inspirational boards in front of my desk.

Poking around the Arclight gift shop, I found myself drawn in by the quotable cards and magnets (as per usual) and had to buy myself a card that really spoke to me right now. It said:

find life experiences
and swallow them
whole. travel.
meet many people.
go down some
dead ends and
explore dark alleys.
try everything.
exhaust yourself
in the glorious
pursuit of life.

lawrence k. fish

This  quotable card really resonates with me right now because I’ve decided to move on from Los Angeles and get travelling. After three months I’ve found that this isn’t where I’m supposed to be right now. The road has been calling me, and I think that’s where my wellspring of creativity lies.


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