After watching Moulin Rouge recently, it was most apt to go see Absinthe while in Las Vegas.

Showing at Caesar’s Palace, the best way to describe it is naughty vaudeville with circus performers. Others have said a more R rated Cirque du Soleil, but since I’ve never seen Cirque du Soleil, I can’t be sure.

While you wait to go in the Spiegeltent, there is a whole host of activities to play. Sack tossing, a type of bocce crossed with air hockey, a bar and other installations made up the garden area. It was fun.

Inside, the setting was intimate with uncomfortable wooden chairs packed in a tight circle and up close to the stage in the centre of the tent. I could see the sparkly shoes of a performer right up in the middle of the tent roof so I was waiting for the moment when she was to descend to start the show.

I loved the show for its comedy, the insane acrobatics and the general naughtiness. It was lots of fun. I have to say that my favourite acts were the rollerskating duo who skated on a 2.5m diameter stage with him flinging her in the air as he sped in circles, the parody of a Cirque du Soleil act which took a lot of inspiration from Borat, the guys who threw one of their crew in the air and caught him in a standing position after a gold medal diving performance, and the sock puppet show.

I hadn’t been planning on seeing a show, but I’m so glad someone suggested we go and that we picked this show.


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