Tougher than I think

Ridgetop to Angel's Landing
The rocky ridgetop path to Angel's Landing

I started out on the hike slash climb to Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, Utah not sure if I would make it.

It was rated as difficult in my guidebook and on the trail map from the park and I’m not at my fittest, nor am I very good at climbing things like this 1000ft height to get to the top. They also wrote that many people don’t go all the way because the narrow path with steep drop offs puts them off. I was surprised at how easy it was.

Okay, so it wasn’t a cinch, but the huffing and puffing up to the overlook point wasn’t a killer either. The steep switchbacks were punishing, but nothing that a few stops and gulps of water couldn’t fix.

View into Zion Canyon
The canyon from Angel's Landing

I then continued along the rocky ridgetop to the very top. At least three times along the way, it could have been the end of the trail as there were amazing views from everywhere along the ridge. One older lady commented that I was like a mountain goat, which I only fully appreciated after I got to the top with a fairly nimble stride. I think it’s just because I like scrambling over rocks and picking a path.

At the top I was rewarded by amazing views over two sides of the canyon.

Even with the stop to eat my lunch in a scenic spot with squirrels trying to get into my backpack, it was well under the 4 hour round trip suggested in the guidebook.

So now I’m going to take those times and descriptions with a grain of salt, because I must say, this trail made me feel like a hardcore hiker.


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