$8 for a coke?!

We went to Vanity nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday night.

As is the fashion with most clubs, there is an expensive cover charge, think minimum $20. It pays to be a girl though, because girls get either discount or free entry. This is because where there are girls, the guys will flock.

Once inside one of these party havens, they will then charge you through the nose for a drink. I asked the bartender for a Coke and she said it would be $8. I wasn’t sure she understood that I didn’t want an alcoholic beverage, just a regular soft drink, so I repeated it. And she nodded, “yes, $8”.

That did not include a tip either.

I was blown away by the expense of a simple little drink. I believe the waters also cost the same, but given how steep the cost of my first drink was, I wasn’t going back for a second.

When in Vegas, drink before you go out and if you are a group of guys, try to find a group of girls to help bump you up the line to get in.


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