Blown away

Meteor CraterBattling gale force winds while sightseeing is fun when you don’t take it seriously.

While making a stop at Meteor Crater, apparently the best preserved meteor impact crater in the world, I had to hold on tight to stop from being swept off my feet and into the giant 167m deep hole.

The wind was so strong it picked up my handbag and made it flap like a flag on a flagpole, my shirt and those of everyone around me were flipped up to reveal our bellies and my sunglasses were pushed off my nose sideways. It was strong!

While they harp on about how the Meteor Crater is one of the most fascinating natural wonders, I didn’t think it was worth the $15 admission. $10 perhaps. Unfortunately you can’t walk around the rim, which would be super fun if it wasn’t windy, so you have to make do with the three viewing platforms.

So whilst I was literally blown away, I wasn’t figuratively blown away. I guess I’ll save that up for something else.


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