Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Because if they are cascades, they’ll only disappoint.

I am a fan of waterfalls. It took me a little while in life to realise this, I think it wasn’t until stopping to see every possible waterfall on a trip to New Zealand’s North Island that I discovered their hold over me and knew I would always be a waterfall tourist.

Of the world’s major waterfalls, I’ve been to Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian/Brazilian border twice and loved it both times for the diversity of spills and the ability to get up close and wet from them. On this trip I will also be getting to Niagara Falls, which hasn’t ever really appealed to me in the same way I want to go to Venezuela to see Angel Falls, but I’m sure it will be fun none-the-less.

At Rocky Mountain National Park I decided to do a couple of waterfall walks on the west side. Given that the snow is melting, they would surely be super impressive as they thundered along their course.

The first was Cascade Falls, which was thundering as I expected, but it was immersed in the trees and you couldn’t get a good, unobstructed view of them. After a long, but interesting enough hike, I was a bit disappointed. Next up was a short walk to Adams Falls, which carve their way through the rock like a theme-park waterslide. The torrent reminded me a little of Huka Falls in New Zealand, but smaller and a little less powerful.

So once again, I feel like a jaded traveller, where I fail to be awed by my amazing surroundings. I really hope there’s a cure for this. Does anyone know of one?


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