Comida por la alma

That is, food for the soul. Which is what I say when I go gallery trawling.

Apparently Santa Fe is the second or third art destination in the US, and Canyon Road certainly helps it earn this reputation. Around 300 art galleries stand shoulder to adobe shoulder along the narrow street. Sculptures abound in gardens and front courtyards. Shingles discreetly identify some of the galleries that open up to a maze of rooms filled with colourful and exciting artworks.

I felt my soul fill up as I browsed the art and pondered my favourites in this historic district that keeps such a local charm and flavour.

I imagined what it would be like to have the disposable income to make considered but personal purchases and certainly found a few that I would have bought if I had a $10,000 art budget.

I also marvelled over the creative talent and wished I could bring to tangible life the ideas that form in my imagination.

Time seemed to stand still as we walked along the street, soaking up the creative atmosphere. Or maybe that was the chocolate vortex we were in after consuming some meso american hot chocolate at Kakawa prior to setting out on Canyon Road.


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