A sad flight

While waiting at the gate to board my flight from Miami to Bogota, I noticed quite a lot of airline staff milling around and donning yellow hi-vis vests.

A little later a lady came over the PA and said “You may have noticed a number of agents here today. We are here because we lost an agent.” She then needed to recover for a moment, and continued with “and she is returning to Colombia today.”

Around me other passengers were looking about in that unsure manner about what had just been said.

As the plane left from the gate, more than 20 staff members stood on the apron watching the plane depart. Some were waving, others stood resolute. It was very sad. I felt very sad and that it was tragic, even though I didn´t know the name of the girl or the circumstances surrounding her death.

Later, as we were about to commence our descent, the pilot asked for us to all observe a moment’s silence for the girl whose remains were being transported back to Colombia.

It made me wonder how many times I´ve been on a plane carrying a body home. You would never even know.


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