Someone out there is reading my blog

The other day, while walking through Fed Square enjoying a beautiful Melbourne evening, I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen for a good three years.

She was talking on the phone and noticed me first, and started waving. I waved back and stopped for a quick chat.

We talked about what we’ve each been up to and gave a quick run down on our plans, hers being moving to Uganda for a three month project. It was so lovely to see her and hear her news firsthand rather than via Facebook.

And then she said a really lovely thing “I was just reading your blog the other day about handwriting analysis and that quote at the end just sums you up perfectly.”

First up it was so lovely of her to say that, and secondly, knowing that at least one person out there is reading my blog after such a short time since starting up again provides the incentive to keep writing and posting. Offline encouragement gives you an extra spring in your typing and certainly brings out an inner smile. It’s where those site stats actually form into a person who has their own hopes and dreams and interests and style and who appreciates that you write about your own.

So here’s a big thank you to her and a thank you to all of you for reading!


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