A love affair with autumn

I love autumn. I think it’s perhaps my favourite season.

I love the crispness in the air.

I love those beautiful mild evenings that take you by surprise and madden you with excitement for the world.

I like the change in the weather, and the scent of the earth as it begins to soak up the moisture that it was robbed of during the head of summer.

I love the sunny days and moonlit nights.

I love the kaleidoscope of colours, browns and rusts and oranges and golds.

Every autumn moment is precious to me, especially now as I prepare to move to a constant tropical heat, where there is no real fluctuation in temperature and where there definitely aren’t four seasons in a year. Going from Melbourne’s famous four seasons in one day to Santa Marta’s hot all day but occasionally with a rain shower is going to be a shock.

So I am luxuriating in my love affair with autumn and making every moment count.

What is your favourite season? What do like the most about it?


2 thoughts on “A love affair with autumn

  1. Summer is my favourite season Camille! (Especially Mildura summer…although to be honest I only ever experienced the beginning and tail end due to school holidays!) Summer is going home, the beach, Christmas, school holidays, smells of sunscreen and sand…you get the idea.

    1. And sand in your togs?! Summer in Mildura is very special. I love it when the roads start to melt and little bubbles appear in the tar! Thanks for sharing Clare.

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