Oops / Duped

Regular readers will note that I have changed my blog theme recently.

Whilst I had been thinking about changing my theme as a bit of an inspiration to write more posts, the change comes about as an uninformed oversight and quick scramble to make it presentable, instead of a researched and planned upgrade.

I was browsing themes to see if any caught my eye, and in the past WordPress allowed you to see how your blog would look in a particular them before committing to it. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places, but I couldn’t see that option, so instead I decided to activate a new theme and thought that if I didn’t like it, I could simply revert to my old theme of Bueno. Then I read an article saying that Bueno got retired. Nooooooooo!!!!!!

Bueno was one of the most popular themes so I never would have imagined that they would retire it. Sure, being so popular means it’s not so original, but I loved that theme. Unfortunately I feel as though I had the wool pulled over my eyes because there wasn’t a button to revert to my original theme, or a warning saying that I wouldn’t be able to return to Bueno if I didn’t like the new theme. 😦

So I tried on a few more themes and in the end have stuck with Bouquet for the interim, or maybe long term if it grows on me. It has two columns and full posts on the homepage and it is also pink, a colour I feel rather attached to. I would love to go for a magazine style or featured posts, but I don’t think my photos are eye-popping enough and my content publishing is hardly regular at this point.

What are your thoughts on the new theme? Should I stick with Bouquet or go with something really different?



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