Oh my gosh, you’re going to be famous

This is one of the standard responses I get when I tell people I’m moving to LA. Another frequent comment is

“Don’t forget about us little people.”

Which brings me to two points I’d like to make:

  1. I have no intentions of becoming a celebrity or doing anything that may make me movie-star famous (even if only for 15 minutes).
  2. I think about people I know and have met all the time, regardless of whether I only met them for a few moments in Argentina or whether I grew up with them.

Once upon a time as a self-interested teenager with an inflated opinion of her acting talents, I want to be a movie star. Not an actress mind you, but a movie star. I even remember a conversation with my hairdresser who said “Can I come be your hair stylist when you are a movie star?” to which my gauche comment was “Maybe… if I remember you.” Oh how I cringe at my teenage self.

I blame it all on one Year 10 guy who, jokingly I’m sure, asked for my autograph after a school play. As a Year 8 girl, that cheeky comment (taken quite seriously) was hugely flattering and such a boost to my self-esteem/inflated ego.

Thankfully, that childish dream passed and I spent my time studying marketing at uni, which I loved. I know that I don’t have the discipline, drive or talent to be an actress. And I definitely don’t have the desire to be. I’m happy just to play myself in everyday life.

So rest assured, I won’t forget about you. But don’t you forget about me either!