Oh my gosh, you’re going to be famous

This is one of the standard responses I get when I tell people I’m moving to LA. Another frequent comment is

“Don’t forget about us little people.”

Which brings me to two points I’d like to make:

  1. I have no intentions of becoming a celebrity or doing anything that may make me movie-star famous (even if only for 15 minutes).
  2. I think about people I know and have met all the time, regardless of whether I only met them for a few moments in Argentina or whether I grew up with them.

Once upon a time as a self-interested teenager with an inflated opinion of her acting talents, I want to be a movie star. Not an actress mind you, but a movie star. I even remember a conversation with my hairdresser who said “Can I come be your hair stylist when you are a movie star?” to which my gauche comment was “Maybe… if I remember you.” Oh how I cringe at my teenage self.

I blame it all on one Year 10 guy who, jokingly I’m sure, asked for my autograph after a school play. As a Year 8 girl, that cheeky comment (taken quite seriously) was hugely flattering and such a boost to my self-esteem/inflated ego.

Thankfully, that childish dream passed and I spent my time studying marketing at uni, which I loved. I know that I don’t have the discipline, drive or talent to be an actress. And I definitely don’t have the desire to be. I’m happy just to play myself in everyday life.

So rest assured, I won’t forget about you. But don’t you forget about me either!


2 thoughts on “Oh my gosh, you’re going to be famous

  1. Well, coming to Hollywood to become famous isn’t that easy either. One thing you’ll see when/if you come here is that every server/bartender/hostess in the area is an actor/actress waiting to be discover. Gotta love L.A.


    1. “Welcome to Hollywood, where dreams go to die.”

      I think life is about opportunities and making the most of them. More people should be willing to take risks to achieve their dreams.

      That’s what’s so amazing about LA, you never know what opportunity is about open up for you.

      Thanks for the comment MTO and keep up the great work with your blog.

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