15 reasons I´m excited about moving to Bogotá

In my second big announcement of 2013, comes the news that we are moving to Bogotá!

I´ve had an iron in the fire for a position since mid January and will finally be starting very soon.

Am I excited? You bet! And let me tell you why (in no particular order).

  1. I fell in love with Colombia in Bogotá
  2. I have an amazing new job that I have dreamt about for a long time
  3. We will finally be living on our own in our own apartment
  4. Bogotá has so many cultural activities to participate in and enjoy
  5. Bogotá is a crazy, creative city
  6. I get to wear nice clothes (and leave the shorts and singlets in Santa Marta)
  7. No more sweating 24 hours a day (unless I am sick)
  8. I get to wear boots again!
  9. No more earning minimum wage
  10. Getting to choose (and prepare) the food I want to eat
  11. Spending time and reconnecting with my friends there and making new friends
  12. Drinking water out the tap, no more boiling for 5 minutes or getting up in the middle of the night to find someone has drunk the last of the purified water
  13. Having professional work colleagues
  14. Having more travel destinations (Colombia and beyond) accessible to us for weekends or short breaks
  15. Crepes and Waffles!

Are there any other reasons you think I should be excited to move to Bogotá?

Raising the bar

Gin driving the U-Haul truck in ranch country

Craigslist is like an online Trading Post. It’s where you find all sorts of stuff to buy. Today it was a bar for a bargain.

The bar was a dual purpose purchase. It would form part of props for our short film and at other times grace Ricky’s apartment.

At 7 feet long, the bar was too big to fit in the back of the wagon, so a U-Haul truck was required for the 30 mile trip to Santa Clarita to pick it up. I rode with Gin in the truck on the freeway out of the city into ranch territory. So many horse ranches with the stereotypical white wooden fences lined the road as we struggled to find the address.

After about three u-turns on the windy road (not easy in a big moving van I may add, so high-fives to Gin) we finally found out that we’d been given the wrong address. Thankfully it was only a bit further up the road.

We drove into a small complex of four big ranch houses and met Butch, a retired guy, probably in his early sixties.Not living up to his tough name, he was lean with a silver beard, twinkly eyes and lovely demeanor. Butch used to be a set constructor and built the highway you’ve seen in The Matrix. Some of his old set equipment, a dolly trolley, helped to move the heavy bar from his upstairs self-proclaimed ‘mancave’ above the garage down to the truck. It was still quite a delicate process to get it down the stairs but we managed, and Gin and I proved our mettle to Butch, who had looked surprised at Ricky for bringing some girls to help with the job.

Once loaded in the truck we made our way back into LA where the next challenge was to unload the bar and then find a park in the street. We were lucky in finding an easy park in the street not far away because they can be tough to find, especially truck-sized parks.

Then, the big test was getting the bar up two flights of stairs and into the apartment. With some think-throughs, talk-throughs and just-do-its, we got the bar and a sweat up. Although the last little bit couldn’t have been done without the help of a neighbour who lent a hand at precisely the right moment, while it was in the air and in a pocket of inertia.

But, it looks great and was worth the adventure, although I’m not sure I’ll be volunteering to move it again…