The scent of Chanel

I’m staying with my friend, Shanghai Slipper, in the city and a special occasion demanded a special scent to accompany my fabulous frock.

When I’m travelling I leave all my ‘good’ perfumes at home and instead travel with a small bottle of Miss Jaguar that I bought in Paraguay about 6 years ago. All the perfumistas out there would be shaking their head and telling me that it would, by now, be rather rancid and lacking all the original notes it held that one day in a Paraguayan department store. However I find that it masks traveller stench quite well, which was the reason I bought perfume in Paraguay in the first place.

While getting ready in the bathroom, Shanghai Slipper’s Chanel No. 5 looked so inviting that I sprayed a sneaky squirt on my pulse points. I have only ever sniffed the nozzle of a bottle of Chanel No. 5 (again, horror to all perfumistas) and it didn’t really impress me that much. This time though, with the perfume embracing my skin with a silky caress, it pulsated from my points as a glorious, elegant and oh-so-lovely scent. Something that Miss Jaguar certainly wouldn’t have been able to do.

I think a bottle of Chanel No. 5 might just be on my next duty-free shopping list.


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