A meeting but not by my definition

We had a meeting today to talk about upcoming projects and some administration stuff, however it didn’t quite live up to my expectation of a meeting.

Coming from a bureaucracy where meetings are scheduled in advance, go for the allotted time (never do they finish early for fear of actually doing some work) and usually have an agenda. Well this was nothing like that.

First up, I was the only one out of four to not have a computer. Although I’d asked Gin and J if I needed to bring my computer before we left home, I don’t think they heard me. So instead I rocked up with a good old fashioned pen and notebook while they set up their power sources around the table.

I then proceeded to get almost bored out of my brains while they all sat down and started working away. I had expectations of discussion, debate and direction, but instead it was a little bit of conversation on various topics all at once in no particular order and with others paying attention to their computer and not making eye contact followed by long tracts of silence save for the sound of keys typing.

So I have learned that:

  • I must always take my computer to a meeting, even if I’m only surfing the net at least I’ll fit in
  • I must write the agenda and set the pace if I feel the need for a meeting to be so structured around my preferences
  • When all else fails, kick off your shoes and head for the couch

At least coffee is still a feature of this new style of meeting.


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