The hill wasn’t the death of me

The gentle side of the hill looking up towards our apartment building

I braced myself for my first walk today. I decided to start off small and walk down the more gentle slope to acclimatise and test my legs on the incline.

It was fine, so I explored out on a cross street that topped the ridge of the hill and then finally attempted the big, steep, heart-attack inducing side of the hill down to the dog park.

Down the steep side

On my way down, I started to re-think my desire to buy a bike. The hill was so steep that I had to continually put the brakes on, lest my feet started running free. I came to the conclusion that there would be no way I could ride a bike down the hill, let alone up it, and that pushing it would be far to bothersome. The only wheels I get in LA will be of the four variety with a strong engine in the front to power up the hill.

Incidentally, our street is at 32% gradient, and in the group of the steepest streets in LA. So if the hill doesn’t give me a heart attack, the pastrami sandwiches certainly will.

The 32% gradient of our street

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