Strutting Silver Lake style

My walking outfit

The Silver Lake strut is alternate speak for a stroll/power walk/jog around the Silver Lake reservoir.

The 2.3 mile walk (3.7km) is a pedestrian and canine freeway filled with fit runners, struggling joggers, power walkers, dog walkers and casual strollers. Most have iPods inserted in their ears and wear sunglasses. I also noted a resurgence in the old wicker tennis shade brim on a few women who were surprisingly under the 45yo median age for that kind of fashion statement.

I garnered quite a few looks from the mostly female passersby. I am fairly sure it was my outfit, but it could have been that I don’t look American. I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but there is something different about how Americans look. I can’t quite pinpoint it enough to describe it, but there is something in the way they hold their faces that gives them away before they can even open their mouth.

As for my attire, I brought with me my red RMIT Alumni cap because I know Americans love their colleges, and I wanted to fit in in that respect. I also brought along my freebie Virgin Blue t-shirt that I got after organising the official welcome to them when they started flying to Mildura. So they could have been trying to figure out my mish-mash of locations or maybe just ponder the big juicy orange on my shirt. But maybe, if I keep this as my exercise outfit, one day someone will stop me and say “Wow I’ve been there!” And one can only hope that it will be a cute boy who says it.


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