Nice and neighbourly

Tonight we got home after a day of roaming Los Angeles on various projects – pick up business cards, look for a car for Cameo, look for a TV and other assorted errands – to find a piece of white paper tucked under the door.

We instantly thought it was from our landlord, but were nicely surprised to see a handwritten note from our new neighbour across the way.

To put a little context around it, the morning after sleeping in our apartment for the first time, we had the carpets steam cleaned. It was a noisy process which started at 8am and finished at 11am. As a little sweetener, and also as a little introduction, I wrote notes to all the other residents of our building and went with mini Cherry Ripes in hand to offer our apology and explanation.

Only one resident was at home and answered my door knock, which happened to be from the only apartment we hadn’t yet met. For everyone else I figured out a way of attaching the note and Cherry Ripe to their door.

It was so lovely to receive a note back with our new neighbour giving us his number to call if we had any questions about the area and what to do. It is a nice way to start apartment living in LA.


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