Dollar taco night at Malo

Monday night is dollar taco night at Malo, a funky restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.

Our first Monday night in LA was spent here, gorging on too many tacos and with my buddies imbibing much sangria. Tonight was my second visit, but Gin and J were back for a third time (three Mondays out of six is pretty good going) as it is a great place to take visiting friends.

With the tacos on special from $1 to $5 each it also makes for a great bargain. Especially when you only need three after making your way through the complimentary corn chips. Personally I prefer the hard tacos. The tortilla of the soft ones has a funny taste to it, nothing major, but they taste mass machine-made, which is unfortunately also how many of the tortillas come when in Mexico.

So tonight, with three tacos, a couple of cokes and a great night in a trendy restaurant, I came away having only spent $12 (including tip) and with a full stomach.


2 thoughts on “Dollar taco night at Malo

    1. Hi realanonymousgirl

      I can definitely recommend Malo if you’re in the Sunset Junction area. Monday nights do get fairly busy, but we got there around 9pm last night and didn’t have to wait.

      The rest of their menu looks good too, but I haven’t gone beyond the dollar tacos yet!


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