Thumbs up

My walk around the Silver Lake reservoir this morning was a little bit of the same, yet a whole lot more.

I saw some familiar faces running around the ‘lake’. Not people I know, but people I’ve seen doing the same before. One of them was a guy with a big nose, 80’s style haircut and runners legs who I’d seen lap me a couple of time previously. This time he was out there with a girl and they were doing some cool down jogs. He was fully kitted in a running singlet and shirt and my guess is he’ll be taking part in the LA Marathon this week. The marathon starts not far from here at Dodger Stadium and then they run all the way to Santa Monica. Yes, it is about 40km to Santa Monica from here, which is unexpected when you’re looking at a map and a really long way away.

As I was getting to the last stretches of my lap, a shiny blue pick up truck drove past. The driver was hanging out the window looking at me, and then as the road curved ahead, he drove around the corner with giving me the thumbs up. I put it down to my new exercise outfit. I’ve graduated from being the dork in the t-shirt to the trim thing in fitted gym gear.


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