So my Friend Who Puts the A in LA took me to a comedy show at King King in Hollywood tonight that totally rocked.

The premise of the Mortified show is regular people digging out their old diaries, poems, songs and old mortifying soul-baring and sharing it with a crowd. There were people sharing their pre-teen “my name is Susan I have long blonde hair, brown eyes and a dog called Happy” diaries, their adolescent “does he love me, should I sleep with him” thoughts and their college “who am I” dark inner workings. And it translates into pure comedy gold.

As I was laughing at the re-enactments of those awkward writings, it got me thinking about my own juvenile journals. Specifically the creative writing piece I wrote for Year 11 English about my first kiss called a very melodramatic Shattered Expectations. That’s the kind of stuff that would go down a treat at this kind of show. And it’s not just a live gig, but a whole bunch of other stuff and soon to be a tv show.

It was so great, so original, so funny and such a trip down my own memory lane, that I can’t wait til the next one in LA.


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