First visit to a taco truck

Taco truck dining
Tucking into tiny tacos from the taco truck

On the way back to my place from the comedy show the other night, my Friend Who Puts The A in LA swung by a taco truck just off the 101 Freeway for a late night snack.

Two taco trucks were parked in the front of an auto parts store. At first we pulled up to one, and then changing his mind, A moved spots and we pulled up alongside the El Matador taco truck. Apparently it is the awesome truck, while the other the less than awesome one.

As we got out of the car, A asked how my Spanish was and I almost did a doggy roll over with glee at the chance to break out some Spanish. While eyeing the menu which I didn’t understand, I asked A how many I should order and if there was anything that he recommended. He said the Al Pastor and Carnitas were good. So I went with that and added a Carne Asado to the order when the man asked me what I wanted.

He asked if I wanted chilli, and I think both he and A thought I didn’t understand, but instead I was just thinking if I did and decided no (which is probably a good thing for a first time taco truck experience). Then I got a bit confused as the server asked really quickly if I wanted cebolla o cilantro. Although I know that cebolla is onion, I had forgotten it, so he repeated it in English and I said no to the onion and yes to the cilantro (which is American for coriander).

The tiny tacos were great. The meat was so delicious and I didn’t regret the no onion or chilli as the coriander sauce was spicy enough. So as a first visit, it was amazing. I’ll be going back there for more tiny tacos and more Spanish practice!


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