A really big day

Okay, so from the title it looks as though I’ve got lots to write today, and I do, but you’ll have to wait another day.

It was my first day on set today as we shoot our short film and I am plum tuckered out. I’ve finished off my commitments for the day, which include cooking muffins and mini quiches for breakfast and a pavlova for afternoon tea. I’ve also typed up the menu for tomorrow, so people know what to expect.

As for today, it was all interesting. There are lots of stories to tell. I learned a lot.

So until I can describe it all in detail to you, I will leave you with a photo of Michele and I in front of a fake pillar. The story behind the pillar is that it creates depth with camera angles. I think its primary purpose today was to fool everyone. I think at least 10 of the 16 people on set were tricked by it and leaned on it, or assumed it was a solid building support at some stage of the day.

Pity it’s the day after April Fools.



In front of the fake pillar
We weren't fooled by this fake set prop




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