15 reasons I´m excited about moving to Bogotá

In my second big announcement of 2013, comes the news that we are moving to Bogotá!

I´ve had an iron in the fire for a position since mid January and will finally be starting very soon.

Am I excited? You bet! And let me tell you why (in no particular order).

  1. I fell in love with Colombia in Bogotá
  2. I have an amazing new job that I have dreamt about for a long time
  3. We will finally be living on our own in our own apartment
  4. Bogotá has so many cultural activities to participate in and enjoy
  5. Bogotá is a crazy, creative city
  6. I get to wear nice clothes (and leave the shorts and singlets in Santa Marta)
  7. No more sweating 24 hours a day (unless I am sick)
  8. I get to wear boots again!
  9. No more earning minimum wage
  10. Getting to choose (and prepare) the food I want to eat
  11. Spending time and reconnecting with my friends there and making new friends
  12. Drinking water out the tap, no more boiling for 5 minutes or getting up in the middle of the night to find someone has drunk the last of the purified water
  13. Having professional work colleagues
  14. Having more travel destinations (Colombia and beyond) accessible to us for weekends or short breaks
  15. Crepes and Waffles!

Are there any other reasons you think I should be excited to move to Bogotá?


13 thoughts on “15 reasons I´m excited about moving to Bogotá

    1. Thanks! If you have any hot tips on your favourite restaurant or hidden spot, I’d love to hear about them. I can’t wait to get to discovering the city, like a local.

      1. Sure! Try la puerta falsa in the center. It’s the oldest restaurant in Colombia and they have great chocolate and tamales. But there are lots of great little places!

      2. Thanks I will put that on our visit list. I’m so excited to get back to some culture and have the ability to fill my soul with some art! Santa Marta really lacks that kind of thing.

  1. Welcome back to Bogota! best of lucks with the new job. You’re right about Bogota being a hub for cultural activities and for exploring great destinations in Colombia. Looking forward to reading about your new life and comments on Bogota.

    1. I think I’m going to find my social/cultural calendar filling up quickly in Bogota! I’m planning a post about the things I’ll miss about living in Santa Marta, but they can probably be summed up by ‘la naturaleza’. I love getting out of the city and into the surrounding nature.

    1. Tick, tick and TICK!
      I have an ah-MAZING mountain view from my new office window, which is located just steps away from Usaquen and I am wearing long sleeves, jackets and polar fleeces again. I love it, thanks Brighid.

  2. I love creppes & waffles !!!!!
    That’s one of the most reason why I wanna stay in Colombia except for living with my Colombian boyfriend haha (I’m Thai) I miss Bogotá!!! Hope to come back there again soon!
    Ps. Usaqeun is a nice place too// you’re awesome so jealous 😀

    1. Jajaja! I’m so lucky that we live near Usaquen to eat great food (in addition to Crepes & Waffles) and hang out at the market on Sundays. I hope you can come back here soon too, Fon.

      1. Hola Camille!! so glad you replied my comment ^^. I went there at the end of 2014 to cerebrate Christmas and New Year with my boyfriend and his family (and did not forget to go to Crepes & Waffles in Usaquen). Unfortunately we’re living separately now (I’m in Thailand and he’s in Colombia). I miss him and Bogota. Especially the weather!! I really wanna live there but getting a job in oversea, particularly in Colombia (which English is not an official language) is such a difficult thing for me. By the way, I was studying Master in Perth for 2 years so I’m kind of a bit Aussie jajaja. Nice to know that you are a foreigner living in Colombia 🙂 My favourite country ever!

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